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welcome to sis

It is our pleasure to introduce the success story of the school. Success always inspires and motivates our community, but success does not come just from dreaming; it comes through multiple stages, in which each stage is more difficult than the previous one.

SIS was and still is the leader in caring for education and learning. We have a clear understanding of the dynamics and development of teaching and learning; therefore, we take education as a journey of progress that has a starting point and no endpoint, for this is a continues process where we keep exploring our world and the creatures around it.

SIS is not a place for the kids and caregivers (Teachers and administrators), but a home for the whole family and the wider community to share the benifets that come along with successful experiences.

WHY study AT SIS?

At SIS, we provide the education your child deserves. With the accredetation of two international educational instituitions, your child can continue his or her studies abroad with ease. You can get acceptance in the best universities abroad, and your child will be equiped with the language and knowledge nessecery to succeed in today's world.

our story

We are the first private international school to start in Libya, dating back to 2005.

Leading the way and taking intiative has always been a part of our DNA; when we started SIS, the intenational school's landscape has not been explored yet. 

We were the first intenational school in Libya to get double international accreditation, and also the first to get the local accreditation.

During the Covid pandamic, we were the first school in Libya to implement a complete online learning experience, using an American dedicatied international education platform.

To this date, we keep on leading the way in the international education space in Libya with innovation and cutting edge technology, to make sure that our students recieve the best international educational experience in Libya.

our vision

Our vision at SIS is that every child is equal and special. In partnership with the government, parents and community, we will strive to prepare each student for a lifetime of learning by providing a caring and stimulating intellectual environment that fosters physical, social, emotional, moral and personal growth in a safe and nurturing place.

our mission

Our mission is to provide our students with a holistic education that clearly harmonizes Libyan, Arab traditions and values with the best of the western world. We do this in order to deliver the most eclectic and enriched courses to Libya's brightest young minds.

OUr Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At SIS, our team is what makes everything possible.

With the best team members out there, we are able to deliver the best international educational experience in Libya. 

Our Partners

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