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Welcome to the Start of the Academic Year 2022/2023

Dear Students,

Welcome to the start of the new Academic year 2022/2023 Whether you are beginning or continuing your New School journey, we are glad you have chosen to be part of this vibrant academic community. With the start of the new Academic Year, Our School is a unique and special place, with an extraordinary range of creative talent, bold thinking, and connectivity to the issues of our time. At its heart, The SIS is our students, and I look forward to finding ways to meet as many of you as possible and to hearing your stories, as we move through this academic year.

The start of a new academic year is always full of promise, aspirations, and vitality. This Academic year we expand the school capacity by Adding Classrooms, a New landscape, a Sports field, and New Cafeteria, we are making the very best of the circumstances we have been handed right now, taking a smart and safe approach to this Academic year, and prioritizing community situation. Thank you for the maturity, flexibility, and patience you are all demonstrating.

Wherever you may be geographically and physically, I urge you to bring your full and authentic self into this learning experience and actively seek to make connections, forge bonds, and collaborate. I know it was difficult to relate to each other at a time when we are all physically distant Due to COVID-19 time But the community is what we intentionally practice by gathering together, and it is entirely possible and powerful in any context—physical or virtual.

As a profound believer in the power of education quite literally to transform lives, I am so very excited for you today. Across every part of SIS school —from your teachers

to our staff, to every member of my leadership team—we are here to support the quality of your educational experience and your ultimate success. Here’s to an extraordinary year of exploration together like no other we’ve ever had.

Onward and upward!

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